Frequently asked questions about eShowsites.com

Q. How easy is it to update an eShowsites web site?

A. It's as easy as clicking with your mouse and typing on your keyboard. You use your existing browser software to make the changes - you don't need anything else. You certainly won't be left to fend for yourself. Far from having to start from scratch, the pages on your site will be built for you. All that's left for you to do is to update your product/details listings and make any minor adjustments you think fit. And we'll be there along the way to answer any queries, and help you with any problems you might have.

Q. How quickly can I get my site up and running?

A. Depending on your requirements, we can usually have your site online within a week of receiving your instructions. We'll build the framework of the site for you, including your company logo and page backgrounds, and then test the site to make sure it's working correctly.

When we've completed our work we'll send you an e-mail telling you exactly how you can access the site to start amending your product/service listings. 

Q. I'm not very good with computers, what sort of support will I receive?

A. We'll provide you with a detailed guide (there's an on-line version here) that fully covers how to use the system. We'll also explain the system fully to you and even demonstrate it on site if you're local. We've found that the software is so simple to use, that once you have a general understanding of how the system works you'll be off and running with ease.  We also provide a video training CD which cover all basic and advanced operation of the software.

Q. I suppose I need the latest high-spec computer?

A. No! As long as your IBM PC or Apple Macintosh can access the Internet you can use this software. The software actually runs on our Internet server and not on your own computer. In fact it's not essential that you have a computer at all to initially put this system into operation, though we recommend it. As long as you can receive e-mail you can benefit from this software. Mac users must use Netscape Navigator for updates, although the site can be viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Q. Do I need a "Computer Expert" to update my site?

A. No!. Our software is designed to be maintainable by anyone without computer experience. Anyone in your office can update your site in minutes. Change text, upload pictures, update prices - it couldn't be easier.

Q.How quickly do changes to my  site take?

A.All changes that you make to your site are instantly live on the Internet. You do not have to wait for your web site to be updated.

Q.How often can I make changes to my site

A.As often as you like, whenever you like, day or night. Decide what changes you want then make them instantly and see the results online.

Q. What's so special about your sites?

A. Most web designers produce static sites that have to be updated by them.  Eshowsites can be updated by you whenever you want, but the cost is kept low by keeping the overall design very simple.

You won't find a better value web site that you can keep up to date yourself.

Q.Can I choose a more bespoke design yet still update it myself?

A.Our eShowsites have been designed to be simple, yet effective and fully user-updateable. The basic design is fixed, but this is reflected in the price. We can of course supply you with a more tailor-made site to suit your requirements.  Please contact us and lets discuss your needs.

Q. What can I call my site?

A. You can choose whatever name you like within reason. If you don't have a domain name your site address would be www.eshowsites.com/yourname. It's probably best to use your company name. If possible, keep it short and simple.

We recommend you have your own domain name. We can register that for you and link it to your site. Contact us for details or see the next question.

Q. What if I already have a website produced by another company and it doesn't do all the things I want it to..... can I switch to one of your websites but still keep my original domain name?

A. Yes. We will take care of all the technicalities and build you a completely new, fully automatic website which will simply replace your existing site.

Q. How do you link my domain name to your site?

A. Your fee includes the "hire" of our software for your  site providing it remains hosted on our domain. If you have your own domain we use invisible URL masking to "point" it to our secure server. Visitors won't be aware of any change. This service is part of the hosting fee.

Q. Will you register my site with search engines?

A. Yes, although you must realise that it can take up to three months to appear on a search engine and it is getting virtually impossible to guarantee a top ranking for some keywords. We will advise you of the best way forward. Our eShowsites use invisible URL masking and will appear with the correct URL (ie www.mycompany.com) unlike some of our competitors' products. 

Q. I need photographs included - can you scan them?

A. Yes, we will scan your photographs free of charge or take new digital ones for a small fee. 

Q. Can I add photographs to the website myself?

A. Yes. If you wish, we can show you which software package you will need and the ideal digital camera to use; we'll then teach either you or your staff in their use. The process of updating your website is remarkably quick and straightforward. However, to begin with we'll do any site updates you need until you are confident or keen to do the work by yourselves.

Q. Can you help me with writing the material for my site?

A. Yes, we will help you with copywriting for your eShowsite.

Q. Since the Internet seems to be developing so fast, what about upgrading my website if and when it starts to look out of date in say two years time?

A. We will naturally want to stay ahead of the game in the coming months and years, and so will constantly be looking for ways to update our products and services. Effectively this means that as an existing and valued customer you will always have your site upgraded (for FREE) as soon as the upgrades and technology becomes available. Can all web companies promise this?

Q. There's been a lot of bad press about credit cards and the Internet, how secure is my site?

A. Your eShowsite order form operates through a secure server. Your customers will see the small padlock symbol in the corner of their web browser when they access the order form page at your site. Unlike other websites where credit card details are actually stored on the server, your customer's details are only recorded on the order form and are not left on a computer somewhere for a hacker to find them. Put simply, you have a system that's as secure as it needs to be. It's certainly safer than just passing credit card details over the phone.

Q. Can I really take orders over the Internet?

A. Yes, immediately your eShowsite is up and running you can start accepting orders straight away. You'll receive orders by e-mail via our secure server, and deal with credit card processing through your normal merchant account as a "card not present" transaction.

Q. My business is new, and as yet I don't have permission to accept credit cards. Is this a problem?

A. Our eShowsites run in conjunction with an existing merchant account. If you don't currently have a merchant account, you'll be unable to use the secure order form facility on one of our eShowsites. However, we can provide you with advice and guidance on setting up either a merchant account or an online credit card processing facility.

Q. This all sounds brilliant....but how much will it cost?

. A lot less than you might imagine! There is a one off set up fee of less than 500.00 and thereafter a small monthly hosting fee.  We also recommend our monthly search engine submission service, this will get your site on the first / second pages of the major search engines. This is optional as not all companies need to be found on the search engines.  Hosting and search engine fees would cost less than 95p per day! and are paid by Bank Standing Order which you control!  We do not ask you to commit long term contracts and you are free to suspend or cancel your fees with just one months notice.  

Q. What do I need to do now

A. Simply send us an email ('Click Here') or call us on 0870 121 4071 and we'll arrange a FREE, no-obligation consultation and demonstration eShowsite. If you're impressed with what you see, we can have your new online business 'live' on the Internet usually within 3 to 4 working days.

If we haven't been able to answer your particular question, please contact us.


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